It’s important to try and keep your jewelry dry whenever possible. When you’re not wearing your jewelry, please keep it in a safe place away from too much air exposure, direct light, and moisture. Make sure you only store like metals together - silver with silver, gold with gold - otherwise you’ll increase the likeliness that your jewelry will tarnish.


Heat, perspiration, and the oil from your skin will naturally lead to tarnishing in brass jewelry. Depending on your body composition, brass jewelry may also leave a washable green tint on your fingers. Not to worry! This can be temporarily fixed with a layer of clear nail polish or a clear protective lacquer made for jewelry. 

To remove tarnish you can use a variety of DIY solutions including soap and water, lemon and salt, or a tarnishing cloth like THIS ONE.


Strong chemicals, lotions, sulfur, sweat, chlorine, and lots of sun can dull and tarnish your silver. Make sure you remove your silver jewelry when you’re engaging in activities such as swimming, showering, exercise and cleaning.

For quick polishing jobs - I highly recommend buying a polishing cloth like THIS ONE. Otherwise you can try using a DIY cleaner like mixing one part baking soda and two parts water into a past and applying it to your silver jewelry with a toothbrush.

Gold Vermeil (Gold Plating)

Over time the plating on your jewelry may fade.  But with extra care you can protect the plating. 

Strong chemicals, alcohol, water, and perspiration can effect the longevity of the plating on your jewelry - so make sure you remove your plated jewelry when you’re engaging in activities such as swimming, showering, exercise and cleaning.

When you’re not wearing your gold vermeil jewelry, I suggest wrapping it in a soft cloth before storing it to avoid scratches.

DO NOT use a polishing cloth on your plated jewelry - as it will strip the plating.

Mood Rings

Try to keep your mood ring as dry as possible. Mood stones can be sensitive to water damage. Please remove the ring before you wash your hands, exercise, clean, or submerge your hands into water. 

Mood stones are acrylic - they’re not as resilient as actual gemstones. It’s important to exercise care and caution when when wearing your mood ring.