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kind of mood. Sade.gold.web-03060.jpg

kind of mood.

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heirloom minima. Sade.gold.web-03092.jpg

heirloom minima.

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heirloom. Rings_3_2018-08759.jpg


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meridian minima. Sade.gold.web-02969.jpg

meridian minima.

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meridian minor. Rings_3_2018-08667.jpg

meridian minor.

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meridian major Rings_3_2018-08695.jpg

meridian major

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medusa. Rings_3_2018-08619.jpg


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helios major. Rings_3_2018-08539.jpg

helios major.

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helios minor. Rings_3_2018-08613.jpg

helios minor.

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helios love. Rings_3_2018-08578.jpg

helios love.

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trillion. Rings_3_2018-08700.jpg


from 105.00